Sunday, 26 September 2010

Formula 1 Season

I'm a big Formula 1 fan. Today's race is going to be an interesting one, with Ferrari backing Alonso instead of Massa, McLaren having a good chance with either Hamilton or Button and the Red Bull drivers both fighting it out for victory.  

Should Alonso end the race with a DNF, Ferrari will be in real trouble this season.  I'm a big backer of McLaren and namely Lewis Hamilton, so I know what I want to happen.

I have trouble explaining to my peers what makes Formula 1 so interesting.  They see it as a bunch of guys driving round in circles, yet love watching over paid dummies kicking balls around for 90 mins.  It's just not the same, these drivers are the most elite athletes in the world.  You didn't see Mark Webber rolling around on the floor crying and holding his shin when he managed to back-flip his car at 180mph.

Who are you backing this season?  What other sports interest you?

Mark Webber's awesome back-flip:

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Potato or Tomato?

The last day or so has been a hot mess.  I roll in from work, hungry as ever for a slap up dinner, only to find out the electricity company has severed the main line on the street.  It had been out since 16:30H which is a joke.  I spent the night playing mediocre games I had previously downloaded from the App Store on my iPhone, to candle light of course.  Cold, hungry and in the dark.  Joy of joys.  To top it off, this morning once we had reached the next town, my brother remembered he had to give a colleague a lift to work.  So it's straight of the motorway, whip round the roundabouts and back on in the opposite direction at ridiculous speed to try and make time.  Due to this lateness, I had to be left on the outskirts of the town my company is in, again cold, not dressed for the weather, and waiting for 40 minutes for a pickup to work. Fun.

At least upon returning from work today, theres good ol' electricity coursing through the veins of my house.  Time to catch up on what I missed last night. Namely, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and yet again, been shocked at the content of the show.

Do these children seriously not know what a potato is? Or a Tomato?  I honestly can't believe how little the youth in America are taught about such basic things.  The icing on the cake was that they don't use knives and forks up to the age of 11.  You couldn't make this stuff up.

Saturday, 18 September 2010


So I've been surfing the net and came across a whole bunch of videos. Namely, the annoying orange. Has anyone seen this stuff? It's LOL funny. This one in particular has tipped my interest:

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Jamie Oliver in America

Did anyone see the new Jamie Oliver in America program on Channel 4 last night?  I'm watching it on my Sky HD Box now.  I love watching programs on the television about food.  I'm quite handy in the kitchen myself and like to get inspiration from many various shows.

The show is a revamp of Jamie's School Dinners which he did a while back in the UK.  He has revolutionised the way schools are serving food to the youngsters of today.  It's truly refreshing that he stepped up and made a massive difference.  

What I can't believe is how ignorant the people in the town were towards him and his values.  I'm no stereotyper, but are Americans really like that?

What are your thoughts on the show.  Is it a good idea?


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Inbetweeners is back!

Anyone been watching the Inbetweeners new series on E4?  It's a comedy about a group of teenagers who are struggling through sixth form.  It's called the Inbetweeners because the group of lads are neither geeks or 'cool'.  It has also won BAFTA's.

A little bird told me it's quite big in the States and Australia.  It's particularly funny because it's exactly what young pubescent boys are like in the UK.  What's your take on it? Are they much different to teenage boys in your country?

Clip for funsies:

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Google's Doodle - Part 2

Following on from my post yesterday regarding the exploding logo, today the page has a greyed out Google logo which fills in as you type the first six letters of your phrase.

Apparantly this week’s series of logos isn’t just about the Googlers having fun; it’s a cheeky hint at what the company will be unveiling at an event occurring on Wednesday.

Heres what Mashable have to say about it:

“Google is about to unveil a real-time search overhaul. This is not about adding Twitter or Facebook results to Google search though; this is about search results that change as you type. Google has been testing this feature recently. Also likely to be announced tomorrow: AJAX-powered search results.” –

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Google's Doodle

Has anyone been on the google homepage today?  It's doodle is pretty awesome.  It explodes with fury when approached by a mouse.

Link - Google Homepage

Check it out:

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Creative Block

I have hit a creative block today.  I am not quite feeling it and can't think of anything to write about.  Will be bringing back the magic tomorrow.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

iPhone 4

I was stoked to get an iPhone 4 as soon as they came out, courtesy of the business contract of course, and was not disappointed.  Every fag thinks it's crap and doesn't even make phone calls.  Usually it's because they don't have one.  I've had over 10 phones in the past 3-4 years and none have come close to how well Apple have mixed business with pleasure in the latest model.

Personally I don't hold my phone like a retard trying to crush the bottom of it, so I am unable to comment on the reported problems.  I have had none.

My favorite parts have to be the new display, camera, FaceTime and the sheer speed of the thing.  Having had every iPhone out, you can't go back.  I whipped out my original 2G the other day and could not believe the difference.

Anyone else got the new iPhone 4?  Thoughts in comments.

Friday, 3 September 2010

One Car, No Team

Have any of you seen this video from Vodafone?  It's really funny to see Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button try to build a Formula One car without any help. 

Any readers formula one fans?

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bose Sound Dock

It was my birthday in August and I felt like treating myself.  I've always fancied one of these and thought why not, I've been a good boy!

It's an awesome bit of kit, and the battery lasts ages.  I took it to a beach BBQ thing last weekend and it lasted all night.  The sound quality is simply superb.

I am the proud owner of a few other Bose items, namely the TriPort In Ear Earphones and the awesome Companion 5 speaker system.

I have been browsing my local store and I saw this behemoth, it's really huge:

Dare I buy it? It is truly awesome!

Thoughts in comments...

Google Chrome Experiments

Got Google Chrome?  You have got to check the chrome experiments out.  This one in particular:

Its pretty epic.  

Really demonstrates just how powerful HTML5 is.  It's pretty hardware intensive so try to close as much as you can beforehand.

Comment your thoughts.  

Also check out the rest if you get a hot minute:

Car Insurance Rubbish

So I'm checking out car insurance deals online using all of the usual comparison sites.  Cheapest I found was around £1,800.  Disgusting.

Went through to purchase said insurance, added my partner as a named driver = £1,000.

Work that one out.  And she's a terrible driver.

Tip: Don't accept the face value of a quote, do a bit of digging and look at other options, but keep it legit and legal. Do not lie on the application form.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My Kick Ass Laptop

Check it out:

Sony Vaio Z series.  It is an absolute beast!  Buy one.  Now.

There's no better professional laptop available when it comes to sheer power and portability.

Specs to follow