Tuesday, 11 January 2011

iPad stop motion painting

Delving deeper into some pretty cool stuff you can do with an iPad and came across this pretty awesome video!  It uses stop motion techniques and long exposures to produce some neat effects.  Check it out!

Monday, 10 January 2011

iPad paintbrush???

Hey all, it's been too long.  In my absense I have obtained a shiny new iPad.  Upon sniffing around the net I found this wicked looking paintbrush which appears to work as it would on paper.  I'll be looking to get one for testing and give you guys a sneak peak in due course

Nomad Brush for the iPad from Don Lee on Vimeo.

Monday, 25 October 2010


Oh, it has been a while!  I have been so busy recently.  To busy to even post some fresh content on here.

Here's the low down:  the company I work for isn't doing so well at the moment.  To be honest it isn't a highly performing company.  Never has, never will.  But it does generally make a profit every year.  This year we are set to lose £1m!  So of course there will be a hefty redundancy coming for all overhead staff.  It's been too long I would say, we have far too much dead weight and need to cut it loose.  Needless to say I have had my consistent handsome annual pay-rise, which pleases me.  I guess you have to look after the people who make a difference.

I'm rambling, so heres a video of some fools who think they are smarter than good old logic based programming.  Be sure to check out the passenger (on the left hand side of the van) at the end of the clip.  He happens to not be wearing his seatbelt.  An imaginary prize for anyone who can see his head smash the windscreen!

Check it:

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Warburtons 'We Care'

Has anyone seen the Warburtons 'We Care'  marketing campaign's adverts?  They are excellent, notably the one below, I'm sure there was a longer version but can't find it anywhere.  It's choc full of lulz!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Formula 1 Season

I'm a big Formula 1 fan. Today's race is going to be an interesting one, with Ferrari backing Alonso instead of Massa, McLaren having a good chance with either Hamilton or Button and the Red Bull drivers both fighting it out for victory.  

Should Alonso end the race with a DNF, Ferrari will be in real trouble this season.  I'm a big backer of McLaren and namely Lewis Hamilton, so I know what I want to happen.

I have trouble explaining to my peers what makes Formula 1 so interesting.  They see it as a bunch of guys driving round in circles, yet love watching over paid dummies kicking balls around for 90 mins.  It's just not the same, these drivers are the most elite athletes in the world.  You didn't see Mark Webber rolling around on the floor crying and holding his shin when he managed to back-flip his car at 180mph.

Who are you backing this season?  What other sports interest you?

Mark Webber's awesome back-flip:

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Potato or Tomato?

The last day or so has been a hot mess.  I roll in from work, hungry as ever for a slap up dinner, only to find out the electricity company has severed the main line on the street.  It had been out since 16:30H which is a joke.  I spent the night playing mediocre games I had previously downloaded from the App Store on my iPhone, to candle light of course.  Cold, hungry and in the dark.  Joy of joys.  To top it off, this morning once we had reached the next town, my brother remembered he had to give a colleague a lift to work.  So it's straight of the motorway, whip round the roundabouts and back on in the opposite direction at ridiculous speed to try and make time.  Due to this lateness, I had to be left on the outskirts of the town my company is in, again cold, not dressed for the weather, and waiting for 40 minutes for a pickup to work. Fun.

At least upon returning from work today, theres good ol' electricity coursing through the veins of my house.  Time to catch up on what I missed last night. Namely, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and yet again, been shocked at the content of the show.

Do these children seriously not know what a potato is? Or a Tomato?  I honestly can't believe how little the youth in America are taught about such basic things.  The icing on the cake was that they don't use knives and forks up to the age of 11.  You couldn't make this stuff up.

Saturday, 18 September 2010


So I've been surfing the net and came across a whole bunch of videos. Namely, the annoying orange. Has anyone seen this stuff? It's LOL funny. This one in particular has tipped my interest: